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I am a freedom child.  The time of my birth says a lot about the way I view life. 

‘’I believe that everybody deserves to be heard, and appreciated. Listening is learning, and seeing is appreciating’’.

I was born in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg.  My formative years were at St Stithians Boys College, where I matriculated in 2012.  

I loved my formative years, not for what I was supposed to learn,  but for the camaraderie of a ‘’botherhood’’ that was so well fostered during this time. 

Rugby and drama, were equal contenders for my attention, and though contrastingly different, each ignited a passion that remains to this day.

My early ambitions were to listen – so I studied psychology.  Initially,  for children to be heard. 

But I needed a creative outlet. I started taking photographs. My camera became an extension of me – I saw everything,  as if through a lens.

I started working in the photographic industry, listening and learning all I could absorb. 

Driven by my passion - I would not want to do anything else.

To see life through a lens,

so everything I see.

Is appreciated.


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